Your workout probably ends with you exhausted and your body in pain. But why pain? After all, you’re building muscles, not breaking them down. But when it comes to working out, it takes some breaking to do the building. Read on for information on recovery and muscle repair.

It’s vital to make sure that the training you do doesn’t damage your body and muscles beyond reason. One way of keeping your body safe is by giving it the proper diet so it can quickly recover after taking the strain of a workout. This will ensure you’re ready when your next session takes place.

Your body is truly phenomenal in how it can heal and regenerate, but for these processes to run smoothly you need to consume the right food. So what are the best post workout foods for recovery and muscle repair?

Your body just went through an exhausting ordeal during which excess fuel (carbohydrates) was used and muscles stretched. All your reserves need replenishing. This means you’re in need of fluids and electrolytes. Water is always your best option for rehydration although some sodium in the mixture will do you good. Sodium helps replace electrolytes and even helps the body retain fluid more effectively.

Now your muscles deserve some attention. They desperately need to heal and you can aid in this by supplying your body with protein. If you had a frenetic session you’ll be wise to eat a high protein meal within an hour of leaving the gym. This must be why restaurants near gyms always seem to flourish. Healthy foods that contain protein include: eggs, steak, milk, whey protein, chicken and turkey see more foods here. Also check out our range of delicious snacks that contain protein.

Your body needs glycogen to carry on normal functioning. But you used up all your stores during that long run. If you don’t eat some carbohydrates shortly after you’ve punished your body you won’t be able to perform well during your next workout session. Keep a snack in your backpack or a smoothie ready in the fridge.

Lastly you need to aid your body in fighting off infections. After a tough practice your body’s immune system is susceptible to attacks so taking some vitamins, a probiotic and a zinc supplement is a wise decision.

The pain you feel during your session is proof that your muscles are taking a lot of strain while you push them to their limits. For those of you who take exercise seriously, pain is a sacrifice you gladly welcome. If you feel your muscles complain you know what you’re doing is working. Take adequate precautions though, so you can keep up the pace you aspire to.

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