In the time leading up to your workout you shouldn’t be tormented by feelings of dread. The expectation of feeling adrenaline rush through your veins should excite you. However, that won’t happen if you’re dreading an empty stomach.

A big meal before you drive to gym is not the way to go though. You’ll actually feel lethargic if you eat too much before a workout. All you really need is a tasty snack that stops the hunger pains and keeps you energized for the workout session ahead. What are the best pre workout snacks?

Let’s look at what nutrients will fuel you to run on the treadmill and lift some weights. During a workout session your body needs protein and carbohydrates. These will supply energy to push through the session as well as protection for your muscles. There are many tasty snack options to supply your body with these vital substances.

At the top of the snack list you’ll find nature’s answer to your energy requirements. A banana is the ideal fruit to consume 30 minutes before you reach the gym. Bananas are rich in carbohydrates so you’ll have energy to survive the new spinning instructor’s class.

A good snack menu needs some variety because you may get tired of eating bananas. What about some oats or wholegrain bread? You’ll reap the benefits of the grains’ slow releasing carbohydrates so you’ll have enough energy until the end of your workout.

If you have a sweet tooth peanut butter is a terrific workout companion. Enjoy this spread—in moderation—on some wholegrain bread or be original and dip apple slices in the peanut butter. Combining a fruit with this spread is ideal to carry you through your tennis game.

Of course life is sometimes simply too much of a rush. On a busy day, taking time to put together a snack can create unwanted stress. An alternative option is to trust the smoothie routine. Mix some of the mentioned ingredients in a blender, create a drink and keep it in the fridge. On your next busy day you can simply grab your smoothie and head to the gym.

You should never try working out on an empty stomach. You need food to give you energy to push through a training session. So opt for these tasty treats and meet your trainer with a knowing smile. You’re going to ace that workout session.

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