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How many calories to maintain weight

healthy salad and spinach lunch

So you’ve reached your ideal weight and now you want to stay there. In essence you simply have to keep a delicate balance. Because the world speaks about weight so much you probably heard about many ways of walking this tightrope. But walking on a rope is actually quite challenging. Luckily there’s an easy way of keeping to your current pants size.

You simply need to manage the amount of calories you take in each day. Thanks to the worldwide focus on weight and health most products at the supermarket will already have information about the item’s calorie value. So all you need to do is plan ahead, do some math and then enjoy the meals you set out for yourself. Can you taste the ongoing victory you’ll experience?

Knowing how many calories to maintain weight is needed, is half the battle won. So simply make some notes about what applies to you specifically and then keep to those guidelines. The numbers mentioned here are averages so you need to consult a dietician for accurate measurements.

  • If you’re a lady who needs that beautiful dress you bought to still fit in a month’s time, you should take in more or less 2000 calories per day. This will ensure the dress doesn’t bulge or sag in some places.
  • Men should try consuming 2500 calories a day. This will give you enough energy for your average activities even when the boys get competitive and want to show their strength during a game of soccer or maybe a round of golf.
  • Your schedule will play a role on the amount you need. If you’re very active you may need a few more calories so you can burn them off on your daily run.
  • Your calorie intake should come from quality food types otherwise you won’t be able to stay healthy.

Managing this intake can at first seem challenging but in the modern world it has become quite easy. Apart from food products which present you with all the information you need you can even call in the help of technology. Many apps for your Smartphone will help you count the calories. You can either plan ahead or add them up as you go through your day. The app will take stock of all the data you give it and tell you when you’ve reached your limit.

So you can see that it’s quite easy to make a calorie checking lifestyle an easy habit. You can stay at your desired weight and give yourself a pat on the back for your daily massive achievements. Let the daily countdown begin.

What are the best post workout foods for recovery and muscle repair?

picture of beef steak

Your workout probably ends with you exhausted and your body in pain. But why pain? After all, you’re building muscles, not breaking them down. But when it comes to working out, it takes some breaking to do the building. Read on for information on recovery and muscle repair.

It’s vital to make sure that the training you do doesn’t damage your body and muscles beyond reason. One way of keeping your body safe is by giving it the proper diet so it can quickly recover after taking the strain of a workout. This will ensure you’re ready when your next session takes place.

Your body is truly phenomenal in how it can heal and regenerate, but for these processes to run smoothly you need to consume the right food. So what are the best post workout foods for recovery and muscle repair?

Your body just went through an exhausting ordeal during which excess fuel (carbohydrates) was used and muscles stretched. All your reserves need replenishing. This means you’re in need of fluids and electrolytes. Water is always your best option for rehydration although some sodium in the mixture will do you good. Sodium helps replace electrolytes and even helps the body retain fluid more effectively.

Now your muscles deserve some attention. They desperately need to heal and you can aid in this by supplying your body with protein. If you had a frenetic session you’ll be wise to eat a high protein meal within an hour of leaving the gym. This must be why restaurants near gyms always seem to flourish. Healthy foods that contain protein include: eggs, steak, milk, whey protein, chicken and turkey see more foods here. Also check out our range of delicious snacks that contain protein.

Your body needs glycogen to carry on normal functioning. But you used up all your stores during that long run. If you don’t eat some carbohydrates shortly after you’ve punished your body you won’t be able to perform well during your next workout session. Keep a snack in your backpack or a smoothie ready in the fridge.

Lastly you need to aid your body in fighting off infections. After a tough practice your body’s immune system is susceptible to attacks so taking some vitamins, a probiotic and a zinc supplement is a wise decision.

The pain you feel during your session is proof that your muscles are taking a lot of strain while you push them to their limits. For those of you who take exercise seriously, pain is a sacrifice you gladly welcome. If you feel your muscles complain you know what you’re doing is working. Take adequate precautions though, so you can keep up the pace you aspire to.

Healthy snacks for weight loss

healthy nuts and snacks for dieting

Are you dreading the idea of boring mealtimes because you need to lose some extra pounds? You may feel the pressure of having to stick to a very strict meal plan. Make it easier on yourself! Simply add some healthy snacks to your daily meal plan. These will make your menu more enticing while still helping your weight loss.

As long as you follow guidelines, snacking won’t have an adverse effect on your weight loss program. In fact by using the right ingredients, healthy snacks help with weight loss as well as keeping your body healthy.

Firstly think of nuts. These tasty characters serve you well in many aspects. They’re great as sources of protein if that’s something your diet lacks. People love commenting on their high fat percentage but it’s all about using them in moderation. Because they’re quite filling they’re the perfect companion to get you through the day and keep your stomach from growling. With the wide variety of nuts available you’ll never get tired of seeing them on your meal plan. We have some great snacks that contain nuts checkout our Choccy Hazelnut or Pecan & Cranberry Flapjack or even the lovely Peanet butter Nutri Bomb.

If you’ve been trying to lose weight for a while you probably miss the textures and tastes of some of your favorite foods. The great news is you can keep many of them or certain versions of them in your diet program. One option is Greek yoghurt. It differs from other yoghurts because it contains healthy fats. By mixing yoghurt with fruit, nuts or honey you create a tasty treat to reward yourself for hard work done.

If you’re in search of some powerful tastes you’re more than welcome to include peppers in your snack ritual. The rich colors of peppers also speak of their rich nutrient content such as antioxidants and Vitamin C. Can you see how beneficial they are to your body? Pair a red pepper with some scrumptious guacamole and your next snack is ready.

The great thing about the world we live in is the variety that’s available. You simply need to explore and make a habit of carrying snacks with you so that they’re available when you need them. Enjoy an ordinary wheat biscuit with some low fat cottage cheese. Your taste buds will be tantalized and your tummy will enjoy the feeling of being replete.

In the end it’s all about moderation. You’ll find many options on the supermarket shelf and if you consume the healthy ones in small amounts alongside your usual meals, you can enjoy the process more and still lose those centimetres.

Healthy Easter Eggs not made with Artificial Trans-fats

healthy easter treats
Did you spot good old marge in the news last week?
It turns out the industrial trans-fats companies stuff into their “healthy” margarines can cause heart disease…
…and on the other hand, butter is unlikely to harm health at all.
It’s yet more evidence that eating natural foods that haven’t been stuffed with chemicals is key to a healthy life (as I’m sure already know!).
I mention it because this week more so than any other, confectionary companies are selling Easter eggs made with things like trans-fats, invert sugar syrup and E442.
And marketing them to kids.
I know it’s Easter and I know we all need a treat every so often – which is why we’ve put together our one-off Easter Choccy Box.
Filled with choccy brownie, choccy hazelnut, mint choccy brownie and double choccy Nutri-Bombz, it’s certainly not short on the chocolate front!
But every one of the Bombz is made with raw, natural chocolate (cacao), along with natural, good for you ingredients like almonds, hazelnuts and honey.
If you’d like to order a box or two before Easter, you’ll need to do so today!
Because of the bank holidays, it’s the last day you can get them delivered in time for Easter Sunday.
To add a limited edition Easter Choccy Box to your basket, just head over here now.
I hope you enjoy your Easter weekend.

Toni Terry – New year training

January 2017


This last month has been an incredibly busy one for me!

I have been spending several days each week training with my PT, Bradley Simmonds. My training regime has involved a combination of very intense HIIT sprints on the treadmill at a speed of anywhere between 16.5 and 19, weights and TRX training.

I try to mix up my fitness plan as much as possible so that my body never knows what’s coming! With this in mind, we throw in some sessions in the garden with the 15kg medicine ball, ropes, ladders and bands, and then finish off with boxing which is, again, great for cardio and toning.

I have started to add PLYO box training to my plan as well; it’s such a great way of conditioning and building strength.

I also compete in Dressage, which means I get to train my horses at least 5 times per week. That adds a completely different dimension to my training, as it’s such a solid workout on the core (and can also be a pretty intense cardio session depending on how ‘bouncy’ the horse is!).

On top of all of that, I am always out and about with my husband and two children, walking our dogs or riding our bikes. It’s so important to keep the whole family active!

I’ve spent a lot of time over the past few months getting my diet just right, specifically for my active lifestyle.

Here’s what I eat in a typical day:


Poached Eggs with either Smoked Salmon or Ham, and Tomatoes


Greek Yoghurt with Lizi’s Low Sugar Granola and Agave Nectar


Grilled Chicken Breast or a Prawn Salad

Homemade soup on cold days

(On training days I will include Brown Rice or Sweet Potato to my meal)


White Fish or Chicken and LOTS of green vegetables or salad

I do still love a sweet treat, and that’s where Nutri-Bombz fit perfectly into my diet. In between meals, or just when I feel like I need a sweet pick-me-up, I will always turn to my box of Nutri-Bombz as I know they are full of healthy vitamins and nutrients.

Happy New Year!

Toni x


Shona McCallin – Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

Shona McCallin

“Fail to prepare, prepare to fail”

I usually train between 8 and 10 times a week meaning eating enough food and, more importantly, the right food, is so fundamental. Preparation is therefore key; fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

My preparation for my week ahead usually starts on Sunday morning. Over breakfast I have a look at what my week entails (each week is different) and plan food and snacks for each day accordingly. Some days I will need to take snacks and lunch to training and some days I will have time to pop home in between sessions and grab some lunch. My go to lunch is definitely two pieces of toasted rye bread topped with a banana and crunchy peanut butter – can’t beat it!

I try to keep my diet pretty simple; I eat little and often, snack on the right foods, ensure I eat lots of fruit and vegetables and drink plenty of water. I often get asked “do you still eat chocolate?” and the answer is yes – everything in moderation. Chocolate is my go to food meaning I absolutely love the many chocolate flavoured Nutribombz. Tough one but I think my favourite at the moment is the Black Forest Gateau flavour.