What is baobab (and what are the health benefits of Baobab) ?

Baobab is the fruit of the baobab tree found in Africa (and to a lesser extent in Australia). Per weight it has more antioxidant powers than other superfoods such as Goji berries and blueberries. Its been well known for its health properties for centuries in Africa ( by those in the know).

Baobab has lots of fiber which helps in the controlling blood sugar levels and is Baobab is great for your digestion and the healthy working of your bowels because of this fibre.

Baobab is contains vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium, thiamin, magnesium, and calcium and fibre. It is also great for your skin and aids in the natural collagen regeneration process. The Vitamin C Baobab contains also helps with the production of Vitamin E , that helps to protect and repair skin.

Baobab preworkout and Baobab Post-workout

Baobab can be taken prework and post-work to gain health benefits. Baobab increases alertness and decreases tiredness, so can be good taken before a workout to give you abit of lift and then same logic can be applied post-workout. It will also give your post-workout skin a boost.

How to get baobab into your diet, Baobab like many other superfoods (such as maca ) can be purchased as a powder. You can then add it to your recipes or sprinkle it on your porridge and so on  ( here are some recipe ideas for Baobab ). Or why not add our Apricot Baobab to one of our snack boxes and get it and other healthy snacks posted to you.

Baobab can be added to sauces to thicken them (it has natural sauce thickening properties), its also gluten free, so if your looking for a healthy gluten free way to thicken sauces, you can use Baobab.


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