Did you spot good old marge in the news last week?
It turns out the industrial trans-fats companies stuff into their “healthy” margarines can cause heart disease…
…and on the other hand, butter is unlikely to harm health at all.
It’s yet more evidence that eating natural foods that haven’t been stuffed with chemicals is key to a healthy life (as I’m sure already know!).
I mention it because this week more so than any other, confectionary companies are selling Easter eggs made with things like trans-fats, invert sugar syrup and E442.
And marketing them to kids.
I know it’s Easter and I know we all need a treat every so often – which is why we’ve put together our one-off Easter Choccy Box.
Filled with choccy brownie, choccy hazelnut, mint choccy brownie and double choccy Nutri-Bombz, it’s certainly not short on the chocolate front!
But every one of the Bombz is made with raw, natural chocolate (cacao), along with natural, good for you ingredients like almonds, hazelnuts and honey.
If you’d like to order a box or two before Easter, you’ll need to do so today!
Because of the bank holidays, it’s the last day you can get them delivered in time for Easter Sunday.
To add a limited edition Easter Choccy Box to your basket, just head over here now.
I hope you enjoy your Easter weekend.

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