Are you dreading the idea of boring mealtimes because you need to lose some extra pounds? You may feel the pressure of having to stick to a very strict meal plan. Make it easier on yourself! Simply add some healthy snacks to your daily meal plan. These will make your menu more enticing while still helping your weight loss.

As long as you follow guidelines, snacking won’t have an adverse effect on your weight loss program. In fact by using the right ingredients, healthy snacks help with weight loss as well as keeping your body healthy.

Firstly think of nuts. These tasty characters serve you well in many aspects. They’re great as sources of protein if that’s something your diet lacks. People love commenting on their high fat percentage but it’s all about using them in moderation. Because they’re quite filling they’re the perfect companion to get you through the day and keep your stomach from growling. With the wide variety of nuts available you’ll never get tired of seeing them on your meal plan. We have some great snacks that contain nuts checkout our Choccy Hazelnut or Pecan & Cranberry Flapjack or even the lovely Peanet butter Nutri Bomb.

If you’ve been trying to lose weight for a while you probably miss the textures and tastes of some of your favorite foods. The great news is you can keep many of them or certain versions of them in your diet program. One option is Greek yoghurt. It differs from other yoghurts because it contains healthy fats. By mixing yoghurt with fruit, nuts or honey you create a tasty treat to reward yourself for hard work done.

If you’re in search of some powerful tastes you’re more than welcome to include peppers in your snack ritual. The rich colors of peppers also speak of their rich nutrient content such as antioxidants and Vitamin C. Can you see how beneficial they are to your body? Pair a red pepper with some scrumptious guacamole and your next snack is ready.

The great thing about the world we live in is the variety that’s available. You simply need to explore and make a habit of carrying snacks with you so that they’re available when you need them. Enjoy an ordinary wheat biscuit with some low fat cottage cheese. Your taste buds will be tantalized and your tummy will enjoy the feeling of being replete.

In the end it’s all about moderation. You’ll find many options on the supermarket shelf and if you consume the healthy ones in small amounts alongside your usual meals, you can enjoy the process more and still lose those centimetres.

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