So you’ve reached your ideal weight and now you want to stay there. In essence you simply have to keep a delicate balance. Because the world speaks about weight so much you probably heard about many ways of walking this tightrope. But walking on a rope is actually quite challenging. Luckily there’s an easy way of keeping to your current pants size.

You simply need to manage the amount of calories you take in each day. Thanks to the worldwide focus on weight and health most products at the supermarket will already have information about the item’s calorie value. So all you need to do is plan ahead, do some math and then enjoy the meals you set out for yourself. Can you taste the ongoing victory you’ll experience?

Knowing how many calories to maintain weight is needed, is half the battle won. So simply make some notes about what applies to you specifically and then keep to those guidelines. The numbers mentioned here are averages so you need to consult a dietician for accurate measurements.

  • If you’re a lady who needs that beautiful dress you bought to still fit in a month’s time, you should take in more or less 2000 calories per day. This will ensure the dress doesn’t bulge or sag in some places.
  • Men should try consuming 2500 calories a day. This will give you enough energy for your average activities even when the boys get competitive and want to show their strength during a game of soccer or maybe a round of golf.
  • Your schedule will play a role on the amount you need. If you’re very active you may need a few more calories so you can burn them off on your daily run.
  • Your calorie intake should come from quality food types otherwise you won’t be able to stay healthy.

Managing this intake can at first seem challenging but in the modern world it has become quite easy. Apart from food products which present you with all the information you need you can even call in the help of technology. Many apps for your Smartphone will help you count the calories. You can either plan ahead or add them up as you go through your day. The app will take stock of all the data you give it and tell you when you’ve reached your limit.

So you can see that it’s quite easy to make a calorie checking lifestyle an easy habit. You can stay at your desired weight and give yourself a pat on the back for your daily massive achievements. Let the daily countdown begin.

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