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I love the light boxes and the flapjacks, such flavoursome and delightful treats. HOWEVER, I was sp disappointed with the Christmas box - it doesn't taste like the things it is meant to and the taste it does have is sickly and bland.

Lily Green    7th December 2018   Oxford University   

had my first delivery today, and tried the choccy chip lighter options cake- it was AMAZING. Tastes just like a chocolate brownie and can't believe it was only 39 calories!

Nina    15th May 2018   Northampton   

Well what can I say!!!! The taste is amazing, as is the texture (i'm odd like that!) I have been put off before by the texture of similar products and was hesitant, but these products blow similar products out of the water!
Would highly recommend for anyone wanting a healthy sweet treat; 1 is most definitely enough!

Siobhan    30th January 2018  
So tasty for something so healthy  

I absolutely love these and so do both my kids.! I love how tasty they are yet they are actually good for you.! The only bad thing is a box doesn't last two minutes in our house.! I also love how it's a surprise each week as to what flavours your going to get.! And the customer service is fantastic. The fact you can pause or cancel your subscription anytime makes it so easy. The boxes always arrive on time and in perfect condition.!

Danielle    5th May 2017  

I absolutely love these snacks, they are so satisfying and there is such as great choice of flavours. I really try to avoid eating processed sugars and these really help with cravings! They are such value for money too, some of the high street snacks similar to these are extortionate and don't quite match up to these!

I love getting home from work to a new delivery! I love it even more when it's a chocolate box!

Shane    21st January 2017  
The perfect healthy snack for all  

"So good and important to my diet, I took them all the way to Rio with me to snack on during the Olympics. "

Shona McCallin, GB Hockey Player    3rd January 2017  

Best snack subscription out there! I get so excited every time my delivery arrives and have never been disapointed with the products. There are so many amazing flavours its unbelievable how great the ingredients are!!! I'm a student and these are such a great healthy snack and actually very good value for money! Customer service is also great

Fern    27th December 2016  
Would love to order a box of my favourite flavour  

"I absolutely love nutri bombs I'm at slimming world and find these amazing for my sugar craving and great value for money 5 stars from me"

Suzanne Cairns    20th November 2016  
Lush and super healthy!  

"Absolutely love these! They are so so tasty and definitely satisfy my sugar cravings. I usually have one by itself when I'm on the go, or with porridge and blueberries or with some 0% greek yoghurt mixed with protein powder! So good 🙂 thanks to the nutri-bombz team, you're fab - I have to say great customer service as well 🙂 keep up the fab work guys! "

Rosie Smith    16th November 2016  

"On the slimming world programme so I always like to use my syns wisely. This is perfect and very tasty! Excellent service and prompt response when I asked a question via email!! Smart syns!!! worked out they are approx 3 to 5 syns each depending on flavour which is fab 🙂 Thank you"

lydia price    14th November 2016  
Perfect for that sweet healthy treat  

"The Peanut butter, choccy hazelnut and coconut are my faves! At first I thought I would eat the whole box when they arrive but I've never been able to eat more than 2 at once. Even though they are healthy they taste really indulgent. I love that each time I log in that there seems to be new chocolates flavours! I'd love to see if a white chocolate one could be tried 😀 Top marks from me."

Chelsey    13th October 2016  

"These are so delicious and indulgent while being good for you. The perfect addition to my healthy eating plan to keep me on track. I love receiving my boxes and all my colleagues love trying them too. My favourites so far are the salted caramel and choccy brownie but to be honest I love them all."

Lou    7th October 2016  
Brilliant, worth getting. Love it at university!  

"Love this box, the four flavours that I got made my mouth water! Brilliant for any university student as well! Check out my review. Have a look at the review for first hand pictures as well, real time natural photos! "

Louis    27th September 2016  
Love love love  

"My granddaughter got me to try these...have them delivered fortnightly....just amazing ..I'm at slimming world and can indulge."

Ann    8th September 2016  

"Love love love these snacks and can't get enough. Keep up the good work...yummy 😀"

Suzi Shanks    1st September 2016  
Love these little treats  

"Absolutely love it when I get my box of healthy treats. All soooooo tasty and hit the spot when a bit of healthy sweetness is needed. So glad I found these just wish they lasted a bit longer! Great delivery, great mix of flavours and packaged so they fit through the letterbox"

Amanda Derzy    31st August 2016  
I need a favourite button  

"I love love love my nutribombz. I've pretty much rued them all in the last few months and I know which ones I like. But there also ones I love and would prefer those flavours a little more often. Please nutribombz give me a love/favourite option too. Other than that jeep up the good work and I can't wait to try the new flapjack flavours "

Angela Miller    20th August 2016  
First Taste! WOW  

"I added the choccy orange to my morning porridge made my simple breakfast explode with flavour... amazing!! & I have 2 more of that flavour 😁 Can't wait to try the others in my box! "

Maryellen    20th August 2016  
Nurti - Bombz  

"Received my 1st ever box of Nutri-Bombz and all I can say is, "IM HOOKED!" Salted caramel - Delicious, sweet yet salty(no surprise), chewy and delightful Goji and Nut - I little Bombz of almost Christmas cake. Moist, nutty, fruity, yummy. Coconut - A little bit of paradise in a packet. Delicious! Hazelnut - Totally Nutty dream. Over-all I am totally impressed and can not wait to try different flavours. Well done Nutri - Bombs. Just a fantastic product especially for myself and fellow Slimming World Members. Thank you."

Tracy    13th August 2016  
Love them! ?  

"I can't get enough of these. Healthy, nutritious and absolutely delicious... Like eating a chocolate truffle with none of the guilt! The individual packs make them perfect for taking to work or for snacking on-the-go. Love the surprise at seeing what flavours have arrived in each delivery... Can't wait for my next box! "

Emma, Wiltshire    2nd August 2016  
Love Nutri-Bombz!  

"Ordered my first box a couple of weeks ago and I absolutely love them! As a Slimming World member I happily use my syns on them. Thank you Nutri-Bombz!"

@victorialouise_sw    29th July 2016  

"I absolutely love these low syn yet satisfying little bombz of joy. Thank you for such a fabby idea and for the surprises that pop through my letter box every 4 weeks. You may have just given me an idea for our group raffle one week! Lisa x Slimming World Consultant (Falkirk Grahamston and Hallglen)"

@lisaw-sw    28th July 2016  
New Customer  

"When I received my order I couldn't wait to see what flavours I had! I I received 2 boxes, one free 🙂 It took all my will power not to try each one there and then! So far the pecan one is my fave. Normally when I get in from work I'm in the biscuit tin looking for something to tide me over until dinner, not any more! I have however, discovered that I need to eat them in secret as my daughter, 7, loves them too. Maybe I should get her a subscription..."

Stacey    20th July 2016  
Totally worth it!  

"As a member of Slimming World, finding low syn tasty treats are my life! I LOVE these healthy snacks and they fit in so well with my lifestyle and eating habits. Surprisingly, one tasty little Nutri-Bombz hit will have my sweet tooth satisfied, my hunger sorted and will leave me feeling full of energy!"

Nikyle    14th July 2016  
Most delicious snacks ever!  

"After subscribing to graze snacks for many months I was sceptical to try a new snack but I am so glad i gave nutri bombs a shot! These are little balls of deliciousness and my new go to 'treat'! They have all the great taste of somethings naughty but without the junk, winner! "

Chloe    14th July 2016  
The bomb! ?  

"I was sceptical about these being just another new food boasting its health qualities, refined, no junk promise. BUT turns out this one lives up to its promise & more! It delivers on taste & curbs my sweet cravings! Try it for yourself...... I'll be reordering more! "

Aimee, Cornwall    12th July 2016  
Such a great snack that feels naughty like a treat.  

"They are Absolutly deliciously fantastic. Such a great snack that feels naughty like a treat. Really good flavours with a rich taste but so healthy and good for you all at the same time. Really look forward to receiving my next box. Me and my partner love them and already been recommending to everyone we know."

Gemma    6th July 2016  
Recommended them to everyone who'll listen!!!!  

"AHHHHH WOW THESE ARE THE BOMB!! Bought my girst box last week, just won a competition to get the new flavours too!!! Recommended them to everyone who'll listen!!!!! Fab, keep up the good work xx"

Amy Gardiner    28th June 2016  
Love these!  

"As soon as I heard about Nutri-Bombz I had to order a box! There are so many amazing flavours and I love the fact that they're made with all natural, healthy ingredients. Even better, the box is a great price. They're really filling and a handy size too. I can't wait to get my next box already! "

Hannah    23rd June 2016  
Love love love!!!!  

"Love love love!!!! 😍😍😍"

Sarah    18th June 2016  

"I stumbled across Nutribombz by accident and it's the best thing I've ever done!! They are perfect in every way!! As a type one diabetic the fact that they have the carbohydrate content on each box is brilliant. I've been recommending them to EVERYONE!! Perfect for a treat, pre-workout, post-workout, snacks on the go and hypos... Love Them!!! "

Team Ignite Huddersfield    3rd June 2016  
Love love love them ?  

"These are so nice and defiantly are going to be the new treat I use my Syns on 😜"

Kayley Knowles    2nd June 2016  
So glad I discovered this website!  

"Amazing! So many 'healthy snacks' around that when you look at the ingredients you realise are anything but healthy. These are protein packed and filling as a treat or between meals, but small enough to not blow my whole *point* budget on a well known diet plan. Can't wait for my next delivery 😊 keep it up! "

Naomi    1st June 2016  
love these so much  

"Love that they are healthy and natural way to get a snack in, happy to spend my slimmingworld syns on these treats, had my first box and can wait to get my next one to try more flavours "

tammy Archer loves    31st May 2016  

"What can I say. So happy that these little bombz of lushness arrived on my door today. Moist, tasty, filling and veey moorish.Carrot cake is my favourite out of this order but can't wait for my next order to see if there is a new favourite. Would highly recommend you try these at least once."

tammy    27th May 2016  
Health professional  

"Fantastic product, loved my first selection of tasty snacks & can't wait to try some more. Perfect healthy little snacks in great packaging!! 😍😍😍"

Kerryhea    26th May 2016  
Instagram Weight Loss/Fitness Blogger  

"A revolution!! The greedy girl in me wants to eat the full box, but each bomb is surprisingly satisfying to just have the one! Just as well or they'd be gone in a day! They're very very yummy and as a gym goer the protein Bombz are literally the bomb! Great company and after my complimentary box, I've set up a regular subscription for delivery. It was a no brainer when I found out that peanut butter Bombz were on the menu! Great company, great service! Keep being the bomb! "

@spanjee    22nd May 2016  
Amazing!! ?  

"These are amazing. A bit like the factory mass produced b****e balls but 100 times better!! Perfect portion size, fantastic flavour combos, proper chunky ingredients. Can not fault them. Perfect for work, after exercise or just verging on the sofa watching th with a cuppa. Just can you put something on the packet to make them a bit off putting?? everyone in the family is swiping them, they're MINE ;)"

Sarah Webb    19th May 2016  
So happy!  

"I am so happy to have found these tasty snacks! I've been wanting to make my own for a long time but just haven't had the time to. The Nutri - Bombz are easy to stash away in my teacher desk and take out when in desperate need to energize after a day of teaching the kids. Thank you!!!"

Sumayyah Tanvir    17th May 2016  
In love  

"What a fantastic service. Firstly fast delivery as well as lovely communication via Instagram AND absolutely amazing tasty low calorie treats. I'm a running addict and needed something to help keep my going after a long run but wanted something natural and these seemed to be the answer. Just wish I could purchase all the flavours and to try BUT il have to wait until pay day 😀 "

KaraRUNS    15th May 2016  
I have Nutri-Bombz every day to curb my sweet cravings!  

"I have Nutri-Bombz every day to curb my sweet cravings. I love that they are natural but taste so good. They are really delicious and one is very satisfying, although I'd be tempted to eat all three in one go! Personally I like the nut and chocolate ones, but there're lots to choose from. I am a big fan!"

Colleen Ardley - Essex    9th May 2016  
I love, love, love these!  

"I have to follow a gluten-free diet and trying to find something that is tasty and not calorific is a challenge. Nutri-Bombz are my new best friends and the best bit is that they contain ingredients that you can read and instantly recognise. No ‘E’ numbers, no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or sweeteners. Just 100% natural yuminess. And if you love almonds, cacao, coconut and dates, you will love these. Spirit Fitness Studio, Suffolk."

Joanne Mitchell    27th April 2016  
In a world of refined foods - what a refreshing change  

"I am totally addicted! These little balls of goodness are truly delicious. I'll be sharing with my friends who are gym bunnies as a perfect pre and post work out snack and with my son's football team as the size and the little pouches makes them perfect to carry around easily. In a world of refined foods and added sugars everywhere it's so refreshing to find a product that satisfies a sweet tooth and provides your body with some goodness at the same time. Everyone should try these little gems of goodness, particularly Omega Boost and Goji Fruit & Nut (bit worried I'm eating all mine too quickly)!"

Liz George    12th April 2016  
So healthy and delicious!  

"Absolutely love the taste of these fantastic little Nutri Bombz. Packed full of delicious flavours and natural goodies they make a great little snack or treat. So glad I found them and I'm recommending to everyone I know!!"

Andrew Smith    8th April 2016  

"Love the protein bombz. Perfect way to up my protein intake during the day and inbetween meals."

Tony Spinks    25th February 2016  
I love the taste of Nutri-Bombz, but most importantly they are so healthy!  

"Being a professional footballer I am constantly looking for a healthy snack. I love the taste of Nutri-Bombz, but most importantly they are so healthy and I honestly can't believe how nice they taste. Not only do they taste great and are ridiculously healthy, the service has been superb; every week I have received my box on time ready for my week. I don't usually promote businesses, but I am more than happy for you to use this on your website."

John Terry, Captain, Chelsea FC    19th January 2016  
Now made them part of my training diet.  

"Since first trying Nutri-Bombz, I have now made them part of my training diet. They are perfect pre-training and get me through some really tough sessions. But they are also great to have with a cup of coffee in the morning at work, and have really helped me get rid of some bad eating habits."

Lee Smith, 5th Dan, Ishinryu Karate    16th December 2015  
I love my new guilt free treats!  

"Just want to say I love Nutri-Bombz! I have been looking for a healthy snack that tastes good for so long, and at last I have found one. I train 4 times a week and eat healthy, but I have a sweet tooth and really struggle at night, always craving something sweet. Then I found Nutri-Bombz, and they are perfect with so much goodness as well as tasting amazing. I love my new guilt free treats!"

Toni, Oxshott    10th November 2015  
I couldn't be happier with the product or the service!  

"I am now on my third Pick 'N' Mix box of Nutri-bombz and I couldn't be happier with the product or the service! The boxes have always arrived really quickly and I haven't yet found a flavour that I don't like. My favourite flavours so far are Mint Choccy Brownie, Rhubarb and Custard and Coconut. I have been taking them to work for a coffee-break snack, but I've also been putting a couple in my daughter's school lunch box (her favourites are Bubblegum and Banana Pie!)."

Sara, Essex    3rd November 2015  
Can't get enough!  

"I just want to say what a fantastic idea Nutri-bombz are and a fab alternative to snacking on biscuits and chocolate. I love the Ginger and Omega Boost in particular but haven't yet tried them all. I am really looking forward to my next delivery to try some more. Can't get enough, so thank you for your invention. You've made snacking healthy!!!"

Jane, Essex    19th October 2015  
I'd certainly recommend Nutri-Bombz as part of any healthy eating regime.  

"I exercise regularly, and consider myself reasonably fit for my age. However, my weight had continued to edge upwards along with my waistline and it became time to face facts - I needed to do something about my diet. One of my problems was my habit of snacking on chocolate and other sweet things when working from home - a habit I've found difficult to break. For me Nutri-Bombz were the answer. They satisfy the desire for something sweet and give a 'full' feeling despite their low calorie count. I'd certainly recommend Nutri-Bombz as part of any healthy eating regime."

Chris, Chadwell Heath    16th October 2015  
My new, favourite healthy snack!  

"My new, favourite healthy snack! Perfect before a work out! Check out Nutri-Bombz!"

Bradley Simmonds, Celebrity Personal Trainer    15th October 2015  

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Featured Reviews

John Terry

John Terry, Captain Chelsea FC

“Being a professional footballer I am constantly looking for a healthy snack. I love the taste of Nutri-Bombz, but most importantly they are so healthy and I honestly can’t believe how nice they taste. Not only do they taste great and are ridiculously healthy, the service has been superb; every week I have received my box on time ready for my week. I don’t usually promote businesses, but I am more than happy for you to use this on your website.”

Shona McCallin

Shona McCallin MBE, Olympic Gold Medalist,
GB Hockey team

“So good and important to my diet, I took them all the way to Rio with me to snack on during the Olympics. “

Bradley Simmonds

Bradley Simmonds, Celebrity Personal Trainer

“My new, favourite healthy snack! Perfect before a work out! Check out Nutri-Bombz!”