“Fail to prepare, prepare to fail”

I usually train between 8 and 10 times a week meaning eating enough food and, more importantly, the right food, is so fundamental. Preparation is therefore key; fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

My preparation for my week ahead usually starts on Sunday morning. Over breakfast I have a look at what my week entails (each week is different) and plan food and snacks for each day accordingly. Some days I will need to take snacks and lunch to training and some days I will have time to pop home in between sessions and grab some lunch. My go to lunch is definitely two pieces of toasted rye bread topped with a banana and crunchy peanut butter – can’t beat it!

I try to keep my diet pretty simple; I eat little and often, snack on the right foods, ensure I eat lots of fruit and vegetables and drink plenty of water. I often get asked “do you still eat chocolate?” and the answer is yes – everything in moderation. Chocolate is my go to food meaning I absolutely love the many chocolate flavoured Nutribombz. Tough one but I think my favourite at the moment is the Black Forest Gateau flavour.



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