January 2017


This last month has been an incredibly busy one for me!

I have been spending several days each week training with my PT, Bradley Simmonds. My training regime has involved a combination of very intense HIIT sprints on the treadmill at a speed of anywhere between 16.5 and 19, weights and TRX training.

I try to mix up my fitness plan as much as possible so that my body never knows what’s coming! With this in mind, we throw in some sessions in the garden with the 15kg medicine ball, ropes, ladders and bands, and then finish off with boxing which is, again, great for cardio and toning.

I have started to add PLYO box training to my plan as well; it’s such a great way of conditioning and building strength.

I also compete in Dressage, which means I get to train my horses at least 5 times per week. That adds a completely different dimension to my training, as it’s such a solid workout on the core (and can also be a pretty intense cardio session depending on how ‘bouncy’ the horse is!).

On top of all of that, I am always out and about with my husband and two children, walking our dogs or riding our bikes. It’s so important to keep the whole family active!

I’ve spent a lot of time over the past few months getting my diet just right, specifically for my active lifestyle.

Here’s what I eat in a typical day:


Poached Eggs with either Smoked Salmon or Ham, and Tomatoes


Greek Yoghurt with Lizi’s Low Sugar Granola and Agave Nectar


Grilled Chicken Breast or a Prawn Salad

Homemade soup on cold days

(On training days I will include Brown Rice or Sweet Potato to my meal)


White Fish or Chicken and LOTS of green vegetables or salad

I do still love a sweet treat, and that’s where Nutri-Bombz fit perfectly into my diet. In between meals, or just when I feel like I need a sweet pick-me-up, I will always turn to my box of Nutri-Bombz as I know they are full of healthy vitamins and nutrients.

Happy New Year!

Toni x


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