Is your body being used to do what it was designed to do? No this is not a perspective on reaching your life goals. It does however deliver an opinion on how your weight goals can be achieved. The Paleo diet is being mentioned on various health forums and you may wonder if it’s simply another fad hitting a crazed society. This fad you can try out for yourself and see whether the debate for it carries any weight.

Firstly you may frown and ask: “What is the Paleo diet?” The name gives you some indication of where the guidelines for the diet originated. The Paleolithic Era was a prehistoric period during which humans survived with very basic tools. Their lifestyle also determined their diet and you can be certain it differed quite a lot from today where we mostly live on processed foods.

The believers in the Paleo diet believe that the humans of that era were using their bodies exactly what it was made for; which included hunting for food as not even farming was done at that time. These dieters also think that the diet of that age was exactly what humans needed then and what you need today. Those prehistorians were all strong and athletic instead of today’s norm where many people are unfit & overweight.

If you follow the Paleo diet you would therefore eat according to the dietary prescriptions of the prehistoric men. There was very little grain in their diets and even milk was only given to babies, not to adults. The food they ate had to be killed or caught or picked from trees.

So do you think you could commit to a lifestyle where you only eat food items that would have been available thousands of years ago? Firstly you need a protein source such as meat although nuts also help. Take note that meat should be sourced from grass-fed animals because grain fed animals don’t offer the same quality meat. Fish and eggs are also options to consider. You can eat as much vegetables as you like along with fruits, tubers and natural oils.

What don’t you see on this list? Yes. Carbohydrates, dairy products, grains and processed foods should be cut from your shopping list. It’s believed these items cause allergies and cause us to gain weight easily. If you’d like to know more on some of the foods of the Paleo Diet take a look at this link. Also take a look at our own range of healthy snacks made from natural ingredients.

Eat only what your body was made to consume. Eat only when you’re hungry instead of every time you walk past a pastry shop. You may achieve that goal weight you’ve been dreaming of. Can you commit to the process?

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